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Feels So Right - a Klaine fanmix


1. When You Walk into the Room by Fyfe Dangerfield
Trying to teach myself how to behave, but these things have their own patterns. These things are fathomlessly out of our hands. And when you walk in the room, I know my life’s never going to be planned…I want you endlessly.

2. Crazy by Stars Go Dim
I knew I wanted you the first time I saw you walk by, that I’d need you forever when your eyes met mine. I loved you the first time I heard you speak my name. You’ll be the beauty in my life always.

3. Feels So Right by Matt Wertz
My love keeps growing stronger. Just say yes, I’ll give you everything. It feels so right knowing I could love you for the rest of my life.

4. Always by Tony Lucca
One thing’s for certain, ‘til the end of time, I’m gonna love you like no one will ever love you. Yes, I’m gonna love you always…I’m gonna love you more than stars and tears and grains of sand, the best I can.

5. As Long as I'm with You by Ingram Hill
I’m still aching but I’m not breaking as long as I’m with you. I gave it up, I sacrificed. I went along with their compromise. But now I’m gone, there’s so much to achieve. Nothing left but wasted youth. It isn’t much, but I’m sorry to have made you wait. But thank god you believed.

6. Coffee by Copeland
We do the best we can in a small town, act like big city kids when the sun goes down. If it’s not too late for coffee I’ll be at your place in ten. We’ll hit that all-night diner and then we’ll see.

7. When Did I Fall in Love by Audra McDonald
When did I fall in love? What night? Which day? When did I first begin to feel this way? How could the moment pass unfelt, ignored? Where was the blinding flash? Where was the crashing chord? …It doesn’t matter when or why or how as long as I love him now.

8. Bells of New York City by Josh Groban
Wait right here, awake with me on silent snow filled streets. Sing to me one song for joy and one for redemption and whatever’s in between that I call mine. With a streetlamp light to illuminate the gray and the bells of New York City calling me to stay.

9. With You by Levi Kreis
You’ve stolen my thunder, taken me under with something so real. With you I can’t speak, I can’t move, I can’t hardly breathe. I’m a fumbling boy who’s never felt something like this. And that’s just how it is with you.

10. Stay in Sight by Declan O'Rourke
I’ve been waiting for awhile for my heart to be beguiled, for someone to come and smile, someone to walk me through the miles. Without you I’d feel my plight, wouldn’t know my wrong from right. Now that you’ve come into my life, I hope you’ll always stay in sight.

11. Drunk by World Without Sundays
If I told you I was drunk, drunk on your smile, wasted on your eyes and most of your wine, would you be kind to someone so shy and take advantage of me tonight? ‘Cause I, I swear I wouldn’t mind.

12. Until You by Dave Barnes
Let’s just take our time. There’s nothing else to do. What better way to spend the night than wasting it with you…I need you now and forever to stay right here with me, don’t ever leave. Love was kept from me like a secret. I swore that I was through, until you.